I believe journaling and connecting with Nature guides us home, to the heart.

Recovering from any kind of trauma, including the frenetic pace of life today is super challenging. 

Whatever you are going through right now, please know, your experience does not define you as a person. 

Here on the blog, I'll share my "field notes" on navigating the human condition, along with the challenges of modern life. I'll offer some journal prompts and invite you to share your thoughts too, if that's something that resonates with you.

I deliberately chose to make this blog space a social media free zone*. 

The blogging world has been heavily influenced and I might stretch to say, taken over, by social media.

That's why I've returned to blogger, in the hope it will encourage others to join me in celebrating the art of blogging.

*One caveat is Pinterest and, of course, you're welcome to share my blog if you wish, to any of your social channels.